76ers, Embiid agree on max contract extension

This extension could be viewed as a vote of confidence toward his long-term health.

Based on the details of what sources are describing as a complex contract structure, the 76ers would have to waive Embiid for him not to reach the full value of his $148 million extension. Embiid, dealing with a plethroa of injuries, has played a grand total of 31 games through his first three seasons in the league. He's still hasn't played in a game after having what the Sixers called "minor" surgery more than six months ago to fix a meniscus tear in his left knee. "We have a lot of potential, but the key is to stay healthy". In fact, only six teams outscored their opponents by more points than the Sixers did when Embiid was on the court. "Ownership's willingness to extend this contract reflects our collective belief in Joel Embiid and a reinforced commitment to building a championship-level basketball program".

It appears the Philadelphia 76ers will continue to embrace "The Process" for several years to come. Fultz and Simmons are rookies and are two-thirds of the big three that the Sixers will display so everything should run through Embiid like past year. Embiid has only played in 31 games, all of which had a minute restriction. And yet Philadelphia's huge bet on Joel Embiid, for the position the Sixers are in as a franchise, was one they couldn't afford not to take.

Let's say Embiid went the restricted route and secured an offer sheet without the protections the Sixers built into the deal.

But the flashes of brilliance have convinced Colangelo and ownership that Embiid was worth the risk.

"He does things on a court that remind me of, you know, somebody that's able to hear music and just play the song". Boston?that Embiid has transformed the 76ers with "his physical presence; he does it with a defensive mindset, and he does it with an offensive target that is different than anything else that we have".

That's the same point differential that the Cavaliers posted, and a better one than the Celtics.

Had he played more many believe he was a shoe-in to win Rookie of the Year. The team's gone through a tough and trying rebuild, drafting players like Embiid, Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, Dario Saric and Jahlil Okafor to forge a foundational core that could keep the Sixers relevant and contending for many years.

  • Stacy Allen