'Blade Runner 2049' Makes Slight Gain With $32.8 Million Opening Weekend

Predictions last week had Blade Runner 2049 heading closer to the $50 million mark so investors are bound to be a little caught off guard, especially considering the overwhelmingly positive reviews it received.

My Little Pony: The Movie is a 2017 animated musical fantasy film based on the television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which was developed as part of the 2010 re-launch of the My Little Pony franchise by Hasbro.

The studio's Sunday estimate was $7.4 million, but the film wound up at $8.9 million in one of the few bright spots for the "Blade Runner 2049" box office performance. The film is a remake of the 1986 original of the same name.

According to IndieWire, the movie was expected to earn at least $40 million domestically. Like CoF, Blade Runner is often remembered for its electronic soundtrack, which perfectly draws the viewer further into the dystopian world created by director Ridley Scott. Audiences on the site have given it an 83 percent score from 35,564 user ratings. "The real trick now is to expand the audience past older men". This likely means that the film struggled to attract moviegoers outside of fans of the original movie.

Coming in at number 2 is The Mountain Between Us starring Kate Winslet and Idris Alba with a US weekend gross of $10 million. Based on the Charles Martin novel, the film stars Elba as a surgeon and Winslet as a journalist who are left stranded together following a plane crash. The feature film to the hit children's TV show stars the voice work of Emily Blunt, Kristin Chenoweth, and Uzo Aduba.

The above suggests that Leto is well aware that not only were his appearances in both "Suicide Squad" and "Blade Runner 2049" on the short side, but that they were so prominent in the promotion and trailers that he and his fans ultimately felt a little underwhelmed when they weren't really added to in the released film.

  • Kyle Peterson