Tesla Model Y News: Compact, 'Economical' SUV to Arrive in 2019?

The video shows a slowed Model 3 production line. A similar grid redesign could be deployed in Puerto Rico, where the company is already sending Powerwall home battery systems to help stabilize energy sources in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

A few days ago, we got a tip that a test mule for the Tesla Semi program was spotted on video (embedded below) in the wild. Robotic arms can be seen working away as sparks fly from the structural body of the vehicle mid production. Tesla shares fell almost 4 percent to close at $342.94, after Barclays analyst Brian Johnson said in a research note Monday that delays in Model 3 production could deny Tesla its "iPhone moment" to come out with a product that brings higher-end electric cars to more of a mass consumer audience. Consequently, the Journal added that Tesla factory workers were busy "piecing together parts of the cars in a special area while the company feverishly worked to finish the machinery designed to produce Model 3's at a rate of thousands a week".

"The markets love an underdog with vision, and I can't think of an executive today with more vision than Elon Musk", said Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald, who has long been following the mega-CEO, to his Total Wealth subscribers last year.

Tesla and Musk have many enemies and doubters in the auto industry, and in the past week you could almost hear them rubbing their hands in glee.

Tesla immediately pushed back on that report, saying "This reporting is fundamentally wrong and misleading".

Thankfully, an explanation from management about a severe production shortfall of 100 kWh battery packs during the quarter made the pullback easier to overlook. Cummins, however, is yet to mention production.

The microgrid took just one year to install and finish. Though that might sound as though it makes everything easier, it doesn't necessarily - it's a major departure from how cars are currently put together. But Manley told The Austin American-Statesman hours later that additional testing revealed alarms may have activated for some other reason, meaning his original assertions were a likely false alarm. To whatever extent the current hubbub threatens Tesla's chances or its most adamant investors' confidence, it also threatens the stock price, they say.

  • Eleanor Harrison