Twitter Bars Candidate's Ad Over 'Baby Body Parts' Line

Over the weekend Representative Marsha Blackburn launched her Senate campaign with a video that attempts to portray her as a tenacious underdog.

A Twitter representative said Blackburn's promoted ad was rejected because the "baby body parts" line was "deemed an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction".

Advertising on Twitter has its advantages for campaigns - it's much cheaper and can be more highly targeted than TV ads.

Blackburn, a self-described "hardcore conservative", is running to replace Sen. Bob Corker's seat, had posted an ad in which she said she had "stopped the sale of baby parts". Blackburn invited followers to "join me in standing up to Silicon Valley" by retweeting the video, which still appeared to play on the platform. But luckily for the congresswoman, Twitter gave her a better opponent than GOP elites when it blocked her campaign spot from Twitter ads.

Demonstrating their bias towards Planned Parenthood, the social media giant informed the Blackburn campaign that if her sentence about Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of babies is removed, the ad can be run on their platform.

In late June, Twitter pulled a similar stunt with pro-life advocacy group Live Action, telling the group that, in order to advertise on the site, it must delete any and all tweets that Twitter's management team had deemed "offensive" and "inflammatory".

"It is a double standard", Blackburn said, "and while they doubled down and issued a second statement today, they disallowed my video, I said, 'Look, I'm just doubling down on the fact that, yes, I am pro-life, and I stand by my message'".

The heavily-edited videos showed Planned Parenthood employees discussing the transfer of tissue from aborted fetuses from the organization to research laboratories. However, she did not prove that anyone was breaking the law by selling "baby body parts", or enact new fetal tissue laws.

"I am appalled by Twitter's attempt to censor my pro-life record, and I believe that the entire pro-life community deserves an apology and explanation for their actions", Blackburn said in a statement on Tuesday. Threatening Daleiden with jail time, suppressing the videos, and engaging in all-out harassment of pro-life activists, supporters of Planned Parenthood have refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing on the part of the abortion provider.

  • Kyle Peterson