Walmart To Launch Mobile Express Returns

While Amazon still can't match Walmart's massive physical infrastructure, it's made some headway towards catching up by allowing online returns in each of its almost 500 newly acquired Whole Foods stores and inking a deal with Kohl's to allow them at certain Los Angeles and Chicago locations.

The head of Walmart's services and digital acceleration business in the U.S., Daniel Eckert, claimed that the new app function is quite innovative.

Looking ahead, store purchases will be integrated into the program in early 2018.

Walmart has unveiled a new process that the company says will significantly shorten the amount of time it takes to return an item, as part of the retail giant's latest move to gain a foothold in their ongoing e-commerce war against Amazon. "That's why we've completely transformed the process for our customers". The app will generate QR code for the said transaction, and then after that, they can walk into a physical Walmart store to return or exchange the items they purchased online, the TechCrunch reported.

"We still believe Amazon's lead in online retail is insurmountable", said Moody's retail analyst Charlie O'Shea. It will slash return timing to 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes.

In some cases, such as with items that are damaged or which can not be resold once opened, the customer may receive a refund without actually returning the product.

When you need to return an item to a store for one reason or another, the process can be tedious and inconvenient.

Walmart had redoubled its efforts to integrate stores and digital, introducing initiatives such as offering shoppers discounts if they pick up an online order in a store, and introducing express lanes for drug prescription pick-up and merchandise returns. The company said past year that the app would have a feature to allow customers to receive a refund without having to visit a store. The option also includes items that are damaged.

"It's convenient for Walmart to put a customer service spin on this policy - however that is really nothing but PR". "We can detect those folks that may be trying to take advantage of that system and we have the appropriate checks and balances". Wal-Mart Stores had a return on equity of 16.87% and a net margin of 2.60%.

As more resources go to its web operations, Wal-Mart has significantly slowed down its pace of new store development.

With the introduction of the Mobile Express Returns the company is concentrating on the returns. Wal-Mart Stores accounts for approximately 2.5% of Mercer Capital Advisers Inc.'s investment portfolio, making the stock its 10th biggest holding.

  • Kyle Peterson