Odinga gives six reasons for withdrawal

"The candidates for the fresh presidential election scheduled for October 26 shall include all the eight candidates who participated in the August 8 presidential election", it said.

The court rejected the August election in which President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared victor after Odinga challenged the results saying hackers infiltrated the electoral commission's computer system to alter the vote in Kenyatta's favor.

The provision states: "A political party shall nominate its candidates for an election under this act at least ninety days before a general election under this Act in accordance with its constitution rules".

He said the commission had "stonewalled" reforms the opposition had sought and wasted time in "public relations exercises" meant to create an impression of "motion without movement".

In response, while speaking to supporters during a campaign rally in Kenya's Coast region Tuesday, Kenyatta said he hoped there would be an election on October 26.

The ruling came a day after opposition leader Raila Odinga withdrew from the October 26 vote, throwing East Africa's largest economy into confusion.

Mr Odinga had called for countrywide protests to demand reforms to the commission ahead of the new election.

Justices said that by failing to allow scrutiny of the computers, the commission failed to disprove Mr Odinga's claim that hackers infiltrated the servers and manipulated the vote in favour of Mr Kenyatta.

"Following the withdrawal of the NASA presidential candidate, the Commission and the legal team are meeting and will communicate way forward", the post read.

"The Supreme Court clarified that the relevant article is 138 (8) (b) which deals with cancellation of a presidential election, in the event of the death of the president or the deputy, on or before the scheduled date".

According to the coalition, Raila's withdrawal from the election "is in the best interest of the country and a win-win for everyone".

Mr Kenyatta has said that even if Mr Odinga won the fresh election, the ruling party in parliament would impeach him.

  • Rogelio Becker