Trump plans working visit to the United Kingdom in early 2018

Donald Trump is set to visit the United Kingdom in early 2018 - but for a "stripped-down" trip that won't involve taking tea with the Queen.

Citing unnamed sources, the newspaper said it was likely to form part of a tour of several countries by the U.S. president.

He is due to make a "working visit" which wouldn't feature the pageantry, or a stay with the Queen, that a state visit would include.

Several objections were made to May's proposal, leading House of Commons speaker John Bercow to declare that the president would not be allowed to address the house amid threats of both labour and Tory party boycotts and mass protests. "The state visit should never have been offered, and with reports that Trump doesn't want to come if he will face protests, it may well never happen".

What we know is that Trump's visit won't have the usual pomp and circumstance associated with state visits, and won't be a guest of the Queen.

Hundreds of thousands of people had signed a petition against the plan.

Since then the visit has been quietly put on the backburner.

In July there was speculation that Trump would visit his Scottish golf course and then Downing Street after the G20 summit in Hamburg, as part of a European trip that included a big speech in Warsaw. The offer had been extended, accepted by Trump, and no dates had been arranged. But if a meeting with the Queen is the only card Theresa May has to play when trading with Trump, we are in for a long Brexit winter.

  • Rogelio Becker