Trump says he and Tillerson disagree on NKorea

Mensa has weighed in on a brewing war of wits between Donald Trump and his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, offering to host an intelligence test between the pair.

NBC News broke the story last week that Tillerson openly called the president a moron, leading to a freaky press conference in which Tillerson said Trump "is smart" and announced that he wasn't quitting.

Both Trump and Tillerson graduated from university with Bachelors of Science, majoring in economics and civil engineering respectively.

After a bombshell NBC News report last week that Tillerson had once called Trump a "moron", Trump lashed out at the outlet as "fake news" and used the expression again in an interview with Forbes about the alleged comment.

Tillerson speaks on behalf of the president and the country.

Trump tells reporters in the Oval Office that he and Tillerson "actually have a very good relationship".

"I think it's fake news", Trump told Forbes magazine.

Brown also said that Trump could potentially qualify for Mensa membership even if he bombed on his Mensa-issued IQ test, so long as he could provide evidence of exceptional test scores on other tests, including the LSAT, GMAT, and the Miller Analogies Test.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has repeatedly undercut Mr Tillerson's statements on some of America's most sensitive national security challenges, including Iran and North Korea, calling it as waste of time.

Nevertheless, something about the incident still seems to bother Trump, who was due to have lunch with Tillerson at the White House later on Tuesday. "Yet I say of Tillerson, 'god I hope he doesn't leave.' We do know he had the courage to call this guy out as a moron and we do know at least he has instincts more in line with a sobriety than who knows the next person the president could bring in".

  • Rogelio Becker