Facebook unveils new virtual reality headset 'Oculus Go'

Facebook unveils new virtual reality headset 'Oculus Go'


If anything, Oculus has been a drag on the company. The Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset, and it, therefore, does not need to be paired to a phone to work.

"I do believe that if Oculus wants to serve this market appropriately, they are going to have to also offer services that address enterprise needs and not just sell them a 'business kit, '" he said. It is important to keep in mind that its big brother, the Oculus Rift, was released in march 2016 and has not seen his hardware improved since.

Oculus Go features: What's new?

Oculus Go: How much will it cost in the UK?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new virtual reality headset at the VR developer conference in San Jose Oct. 11.

How does that compare to the competition?

The Oculus Go still supports the same lineup of games and VR experiences as its fully-fledged sibling, and it takes advantage of a small handheld controller that's virtually identical to Samsung's effort. The company has not revealed detailed specs of the VR headset.it claims that it uses high-resolution fast-switch LCD screens.

The concept of virtual reality has been explored by a lot of brands. That naturally leads to more mobility and freedom while allowing users to soak into the content with all the liberty that they can dream of.

Oculus Go design: What does it look like? Also, the Rift requires a high-powered PC in order to power the headset, and cables and wires that mean it are not handy enough for the users.

Oculus VR/FacebookOculus Rift has permanently lowered the base price for its Rift and Touch bundles.

So, what's so special about Oculus Go? However, he expects that his company will, one day, be the one gets billions of people into VR. But how? Let's talk specifics. "You should still be considering Gear VR the primarily platform in mobile", he said.

Alphabet Inc offers a rival headset, Google Daydream, that works with yet more smartphones.

Oculus will be releasing the Oculus Mobile SDK for the Oculus GO starting November 2017 so developers can begin working on games and applications the people can enjoy once the VR headset is ready to roll out.

The audio experience has had an upgrade too. However, there's also a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening, or for when you're getting on your housemates' nerves.

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