How President Trump's healthcare executive order will impact Nebraskans

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro says he's joining his counterparts in at least a dozen states to sue the Trump administration over its decision to stop paying cost-sharing subsidies to insurers. After months of failed repeal votes in Congress, the President is now clearly determined to repeal health care for millions by executive action.

While announcing the end to subsidy payments, Trump said his motivation was stopping insurance insurance companies from cashing in. NY stands to lose more than $870 million in subsidies. "That's unacceptable", Schneiderman, the attorney general said.

In addition to constitutional violations, the states' lawsuit alleges that the President's decision to withhold mandatory CSR payments violates both the ACA and the Administrative Procedure Act.

In May, Schneiderman and California attorney general Xavier Becerra, leading a coalition of 18 attorneys general, moved to intervene in House v. Price in order to protect millions of Americans' access to affordable health care. Becerra said more attorneys general were likely to join the lawsuit.

"It's well past time that President Trump learns that he doesn't just get to pick and choose which laws he'll follow or which bills he'll pay", Becerra said. Hundreds of thousands of women receive free contraceptives through employers' insurance plans as part of a requirement in the Affordable Care Act. A federal district judge a year ago ruled that the subsidy payments were unlawful, but put her ruling on hold pending the Obama administration's appeal. "We've taken the Trump administration to court before and won, and we're ready to do it again if necessary", Becerra said in a statement late Thursday, before the lawsuit was officially announced. Becerra said it's not clear what, if any, further action the states may take in the USA appeals court case.

Insurance companies lose out, too, particularly those that assumed Trump would pay these subsidies and set their premiums accordingly.

Jetter says, "From what I understand Trump ending the subsidies really is a power play to force Congress to create a bipartisan fix to or to the Affordable Care is kind of scary".

  • Rogelio Becker