Facebook buys popular teen mobile app TBH for an undisclosed price

Facebook buys popular teen mobile app TBH for an undisclosed price


Facebook has been quick off the draw by acquiring an anonymous polling app which has proven to be a viral hit with teenagers, just two months after its release. TBH, internet-slang short for "to be honest", says more than 5 million people have downloaded its app since it launched on August 3.

For now, the tbh app is not expected to change under Facebook's ownership.

Techcrunch reported that Facebook paid less than $100 million for the acquisition and the deal will not require any regulatory approval.

However, one expert commented that Facebook keeps a close eye over new companies and is willing to pay a premium to buy them rather than risk them developing into a threat.

"When we met with Facebook, we realized that we shared numerous same core values about connecting people through positive interactions", the tbh team said in a statement. Out of the 5 million downloads, 2.5 million users are active and are enjoying the creativity of the inventor which is now taken over by Facebook. Instead, users are presented with a series of prompts or notifications about their friends like, "Should DJ every party" or "Hotter than the sun" and four options for friends that best fit that description. "Most of all, we were compelled by the ways they could help us realize our vision and bring it to more people". This agreement will add one more app which focuses on teenagers and this will definitely give tough competition to the Snapchat users in future. Whether or not the app's name was inspired by that, TBH bears a lot of similarities to the trend.

TBH, which is available only for Apple devices at the moment, will continue to exist as a stand-alone app. Furthermore, it was in three more schools on the next and 300 schools on the next.

Perhaps most clearly, TBH is yet another channel where Facebook can command the time and attention of young people.

  • Terrell Bush