Ford F-150, 2017 Ford Super Duty: Recall Alert

The fix is created to prevent doors from not opening or closing properly. The majority of the trucks are in the United States, but some are located in Canada and Mexico as well. Ford testing shows that the faulty latches are failing after exposure to water, which could cause the door to open randomly.

Ford filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission saying it would take a $267-million charge in fourth-quarter earnings.

The Fix: Dealers will install water shields over the door latches to prevent water from seeping inside for free.

Ford said it is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with the problem. If consumers are able to open and close such doors, the door may appear closed, but the latch may not fully engage, increasing the risk for a possible injury. Last September, Ford recalled 211,000 cars in North America due to a problem with side door latches that that the company said is unrelated to this recall, CNBC reported.

The f-150 pickup has been the bestselling vehicle in the country for decades. Ford sold 820,000 of the F-series trucks in the USA a year ago. The Limited trim has been available on the light-duty F-150 since 2015 and will now be offered on F-250, F-350 and F-450 pickups. A fully loaded F-450 can run the tab to almost $100,000.

  • Eleanor Harrison