Trump haters on the internet think Melania has a body double

A video shows a "fake" Melania Trump standing next to the president.

In the traditional "incognito" uniform of buff overcoat and dark glasses, Melania's conspicuously inconspicuous demeanour raised a few questions - namely, was there something the White House isn't telling us?

This not evidence of a body double.

First Lady Melania Trump will soon say goodbye to the custom Hervé Pierre gown she wore to the Inaugural Ball on January 20.

There have been stylish first ladies throughout the history of the U.S., there have even been first ladies who were ex-models, but is Melania Trump (née Knauss) the hottest?

After all, although she wholeheartedly signed up for this, has Melania given off the impression that she is enjoying life right now?

The debate began on Friday with a Facebook post from actress Andrea Wagner Barton.

From the footage, the woman in the sunglasses appears to have a different shaped nose and a completely different complexion.

"I initially didn't notice, but thought it was odd when he said 'my wife Melania, she's right here" to try & convince media it was her'.

Do these pictures prove Melania Trump is MISERABLE?

Several other images of the first lady from the same day are also available from news organizations such asGetty Images and and theAssociated Press. "To think they would go this far & try & make us think its her on TV is mind blowing", wrote Joe Vargas.

From there a Twitter user posted, saying: "This is not Melania. Makes me wonder what else is a lie".

  • Rogelio Becker