If it's fall, it's time for your flu shot

"You will not only lessen your chance of getting the flu, you will also limit the likelihood of passing the virus onto family members or colleagues who have a chronic illness or to a newborn infant, for whom influenza can be a very serious health concern", Burstein said.

Director of Nursing Karen Brown says it's hard to predict the severity of each flu season.

According to Alberta Health, Albertans who are six months of age and older will be able to receive the shot The province has purchased 1.6 million doses for this season, enough to immunize about 35 per cent of the population. That's the reason experts recommend you get vaccinated by the end of October, before flu season gets too far along.

A high fever is common and lasts three to four days; though not all people with the flu will get a fever.

The flu shot provides protection from the influenza virus strains expected to be circulating this season based on worldwide trends identified by the World Health Organization.

"Each annual flu season is normally associated with a major sub type", Saddleback College physician Dr. Sonya Murray said. For more on who can and can't get flu shots, see here. The idea that people in poor health shouldn't get them is related to the myth that the vaccines make you sick with flu. Hundreds of people poured into two locations for free flu shots, some had learned their lesson. The Fluzone High-Dose vaccine is for patients 65 years and older. Your pharmacist can advise you on these vaccines if you're in that age group. Yesterday's drill included 800 free flu shots.

No doubt, that made some pregnant woman a little nervous, but the Centers for Disease Control says more research needs to be done and it is sticking with the recommendation that pregnant women get a flu shot. We encourage everyone to become a flu fighter by getting vaccinated.

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