Kwikset Smart Lock Solutions Work With Amazon Key

Last night, I did what thousands of other exhausted mothers across America did after they tucked their children in for the eighth time: I got on my phone and ordered a ton of stuff from Amazon Prime. With no extra cost to members, the new offering works with Same-Day, One-Day, Two-Day, and Standard Shipping.

Can I receive in-home delivery if I live in an apartment complex or have a front gate?

When you're not there, that is.

The service will become available at no extra cost to Prime members in 37 cities across the US on November 8, with more locations rolling out over time.

Customers hoping to use the service must download the Amazon Key app and purchase a smart lock, as well as Amazon's latest device - an internet-connected security camera called "Amazon Cloud Cam", which can send customers videos of their packages being delivered.

"Amazon Key gives customers peace of mind knowing their orders have been safely delivered to their homes and are waiting for them when they walk through their doors", said Peter Larsen, Vice President of Delivery Technology for Amazon in a release.

How delivery actually works: Here's the process, as explained in Amazon's help pages.

If the agent gets no response on knocking the door first, a request is sent to Amazon Cloud. If no one greets them, they press "unlock" in a mobile app, and Amazon checks its systems in an instant to make sure the right associate and package are present. They open the door, deposit the package, and then lock the door with another swipe.

Still freaked out about the thought of Amazon coming into your house?

Amazon Key is not yet integrated with home alarm systems. It also advises customers to keep pets away from the front door when deliveries are expected to avoid situations like a pet dog biting a stranger, or something along those lines. The service can also be used to allow out-of-town guests into the house.

"Amazon Key feels like a major test of how thoroughly the company has earned customers' trust, and a harbinger of a future where tech companies mediate every aspect of our lives", according to The Verge. Oh, and a similar service already exists in Sweden, which has so far, gone off without a hitch.

Online retail giant Amazon has launched a service that lets its delivery staff drop off packages inside a customer's home while they are out.

This wouldn't have to be limited to Amazon deliveries either, as customers would be able to setup passcodes so that anyone that has the passcode would be able to enter the home.

  • Eleanor Harrison