Nintendo's Animal Crossing mobile game arrives next month

Nintendo's on the verge of releasing its next major mobile game.

Like "Super Mario Run" - the last Nintendo game on mobile devices - "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" is a free game. The process involves finding an APK for the game online and downloading Pocket Camp straight to your phone, but the dangers of tampered files means this is slightly more risky.

Playing as a new campsite resident, players will be able to travel to different areas of the site in their customisable camper van, and be tasked with populating their site with amenities, furniture and more.

Materials can also be acquired by spending Leaf Tickets, which are either acquired by completing goals in the game or spending real-life money.

Like most Animal Crossing games, you once again take on the role of a human kid dumped at the doorstep of an animal community, only instead of a town, you've now been put in charge of a type of summer camp.

"Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" is scheduled to launch in "late November". The franchise is a bit like Nintendo's version of The Sims. Here's the full lowdown on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, straight from Nintendo. Similar to every other game, Pocket Camp has a friendship feature where your relationship with other campers can be improved by doing favors and generally interacting. You can grow your friendship and earn rewards by helping them find the things they need. Players can also do all the things you'd usually do in a camping environment, like catch bugs, pick fruit or go fishing. That level of simplicity carries over to the menus which, though there are plenty of icons to tap on, make ideal sense and are easy to navigate once you get into the routine.

But it's not all familiar; Pocket Camp introduces a few changes as well.

Can I collect playable NES games in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? For notifications when it goes live, you can pre-register on the official site.

As you meet and greet visitors you'll build a relationship level with them.

With the right craft materials, you can have the hardworking handyman Cyrus make just about anything you need to customize your campsite.

In case you missed it, there was recently a Nintendo Direct stream in which it was announced that there will soon be a mobile Animal Crossing game for iOS and Android devices entitled Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

The game will have seasonal events and limited-time items and outfits through game updates which will become available through free updates once the game has launched in November.

  • Joey Payne