65 percent of baby products tested in study had arsenic in them

A study of the top-selling as well as emerging brands of baby food products such as infant formula, juice drinks, and cereals revealed that many of these products contain toxic chemicals such as arsenic, lead, and acrylamide.

The Clean Label Project is a Denver, Colorado-based organization committed to looking beyond the label and marketing terms to give consumers information they need to select products that contain the fewest poisons and food additives.

Of the baby products tested, 65 percent contained arsenic, 36 percent contained lead, 58 percent contained cadmium and 10 percent contained acrylamides.

Become more aware of what foods are a part of your children's diet with the Clean Label Project. All we know at this point is that some products tested positive for the above-mentioned chemicals.

Various baby and infant food products recently tested positive for arsenic and other toxic chemicals. Hence certain rules and regulations should be laid on these baby food and infant formulas products to reduce its toxic effects and also provide optimum health benefits.

The FDA has recommended a limit of 100 parts per billion of arsenic in infant rice cereal, but has not made its recommendation compulsory for manufacturers. They even shared the names of companies whose products they claimed tested the worst - popular brands like Gerber, Plum Organics, and Enfamil were on the list. In fact, arsenic has been labeled as one of the ten most harmful chemicals to public health.

This study was conducted recently and the products bought were just 5 months old.

In October 2017, several news organizations reported that an "alarming", "scary" and "staggering" study had found widespread chemical contaminants in baby food.

"It is important for consumers to understand that some contaminants, such as heavy metals like lead or arsenic, are in the environment and can not simply be removed from food", said Peter Cassell, an FDA spokesperson.

Five-hundred baby food products were tested.

"The baby industry needs to do a better job in protecting America's most vulnerable population", Bowen said.

  • Santos West