Sony Have Big Plans for Paris Games Week

Sony seems to have started a trend for themselves to sit out of GamesCom event.

Sony recently took to their public blog to announce that they are prepping to announce 7 new titles for the PlayStation platform in time for the Paris Games Week kicking off next week.

But plan to tune in early at 8:00am! But I am still hoping for the best - Does Sony have at least that one big AAA game announcement to make Paris Games Week 2017 event a worth for PlayStation fans? The news will start coming out during Sony's pre show event that will start off at 8 AM PT on October 30 which will 21 game updates as well as the reveals of the new games. You won't want to miss it. The opening session will include the introduction of around 21 game updates, including seven all-new game announcements for PlayStation 4 and PSVR. It will be able to be accessed across a variety of platforms like PlayStation's own live streaming service, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Though the company has been pretty vague about what we will see during the show, we're expecting to get an extended look at upcoming titles like Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC, Days Gone, God of War 4, Detroit: Become Human, and (maybe) Red Dead Redemption 2. Of course, they're likely going to be games for 2018 and later, but hey we can't not get excited about it.

The bad news is that it's taking place during the night for us.

The post also states that after the Showcase there will be more information about the games that we'll be able to see.

  • Joey Payne