Texans owner meets with players after 'inmates' comment

In an ESPN report on NFL meetings about national anthem protests, it was revealed that McNair, a donor to US President Donald Trump, argued that the league must stop the protests. And that's exactly what they did before Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Almost the entire Houston team took a knee during the national anthem on Sunday in Seattle, a direct shot at Bob McNair after a tumultuous few days that have seen owner and players turned against each other. During a meeting of NFL owners earlier in October, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair said "we can't have the inmates running the prison", referring to player demonstrations during the national anthem.

Despite rumors that the players would remove the Texans decals from their helmets, they ended up leaving them on.

Nevertheless, Texans players were offended enough by the statement that they reportedly wanted to walk out of practice, and it took a group meeting with coach Bill O'Brien and general manager Rick Smith to get majority to stay.

McNair, who first apologized in a statement on Friday, released a second statement regarding his comments on Saturday. At the meeting, he said that "We can't have the inmates running the prison".

Players also remained unconvinced by the apology, according to the AP, and they told numerous media outlets that they had met to discuss how to react moving forward.

National Football League players reacted by kneeling during the anthem and linking arms, and some refused to take the field while "The Star Spangled Banner" played.

McNair's comments have not been well-received in any part of NFL circles, with players from all around the league ripping him during the latter part of this week.

  • Stacy Allen