The Last of Us 2 Voice Cast Revealed

However, Sony using it as one of the earliest pieces of marketing for the sequel feels misguided, with intense and graphic violence placed at the forefront of its presentation.

The Last of Us Part 2's second trailer was debuted at Sony's PlayStation Paris Games Week 2017 presentation today, lifting the lid on the upcoming sequel for the first time since the game's announcement late a year ago.

Luckily, Naughty Dog's Twitter account did reveal more information about the identity of the characters and their voice actors. One was asked "where is the other apostate" before they started to torture her. That letter remains a source of motivation for the young woman, and she even holds onto her mom's switchblade for additional, meaningful protection. The three of them then stand as a group of infected rush their way. First off, who are these people? What the heck is going on?! Go ahead and watch it, I'll wait. And just what road has the world gone down these last years since the end of the first game? That's part of what makes it so compelling, though that also makes it not a game for everyone. Hangings, arrows through faces and some utterly devastating bone breaks with a hammer act as headlines to an otherwise vague showing, with no real glimpses of series protagonists, Joel and Ellie.

The Last of Us Part II still doesn't have a release date, but Druckmann had more to say in a new video interview. And when will that be, Naughty Dog?

  • Joey Payne