Donald Trump Jr. Dresses as His Father for Halloween

A lot of people wondered about that after he tweeted Tuesday about redistributing his daughter's Halloween candy to teach her about socialism.

Based on this tweet, some possible things Donald Trump Jr. thinks socialism is: easy as taking candy from a baby easy is taking candy from his baby easy as taking candy from a tiny cop who earned it.

It wasn't just Jr.'s failure to correctly spell "too", or the timing of his message (during Halloween evening trick-or-treating: a tradition of sharing across USA communities) that was widely panned.

And then there is just the general heartlessness as many mentioned, behind the tweet.

Fill her bucket with old candy left by her great-grandfather, then explain that she has more because she's smarter than all the other kids.

It's never too early to teach her about Republicanism.

- Ben (blue checkmark) (@Ben_in_yeg)My dad used to eat all my candy after I came home exhausted and went to sleep. Just take some candy from your trick or treaters & give her even more. "They also let anyone in to see it".

Ironically, Trump Jr.'s vision of socialism already sort of exists within the United States, a point made by the Washington Post's Aaron Blake.

To which Trump Jr. replied: "That's cute".

Trump used an imaginary scenario in which his daughter's Halloween candy would be taken from her and given to a child who didn't go trick-or-treating, as a comparison to a socialist system in which the government oversees an equitable distribution of goods and services.

Kevin Keller asked: "What if the other kid was at home studying the difference between "to" and "too" rather than collecting free candy?"

There is also of course, the irony that Halloween, literally a handout.

"My man, "socialism" was her getting that free candy in the first place".

  • Rogelio Becker