Contract employee identified as culprit for Trump's Twitter account disappearance

The New York Times on Friday reported the rogue employee was in fact a contractor, citing two anonymous sources familiar with the incident. While plenty of people on social media regarded that as a period of great delight and hailed the employee as a hero, Twitter wasn't amused.

In response to Twitter's statement about its investigation, one user said: "I am assuming you're investigating who should get a million dollar bonus?" This morning, Trump blamed a "rogue employee". Trump has used Twitter to announce policies.

"It is shocking that some random Twitter employee could shut down the president's account".

"We are making it clear that context - including if the behavior is targeted, if a report has been filed and by whom, and if the Tweet itself is newsworthy and in the legitimate public interest - is crucial when evaluating abusive behavior and determining appropriate enforcement actions", Twitter said in a statement.

President Donald Trump's Twitter account briefly disappeared at around 7 p.m. on November 2, 2017.

The page went down for about 11 minutes. The newspaper added: Twitter customer support cannot, however, access customers' private direct messages, nor can they tweet on behalf of other users. They also noted that the National Archives and Records Administration has advised the White House that the tweets must be preserved as official records under the Presidential Records Act. But deleting the Twitter feed of the most powerful man in the world, if only for a few minutes, is truly epic. "I guess the word must finally be getting out - and having an impact". Twitter initially said the account had been "inadvertently deactivated due to human error", but later indicated it was done intentionally by a departing customer support employee.

Trump's eight-year-old @realdonaldtrump account has almost 42 million followers.

  • Rogelio Becker