OnePlus 5T Will be Announced on November 16th

If reports are to be believed then the company will most likely launch the new OnePls 5T on November 16 and that it will be an Amazon exclusive device. The keynote, available through livestream, will happen at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific / 4pm United Kingdom / 9:30pm India / November 17, 12am China).

"In terms of specs, we expect a phone which utilises nearly the full front of the device in an 18:9 aspect ratio with rumours pointing to a 6" sized display.

OnePlus has been busy teasing out details about the OnePlus 5T over the past few days, revealing small bits of information one tweet at a time. Other features include an improved dual rear camera setup and a bigger battery. The company (a subsidiary of BKK Electronics along with Oppo) launched its first phone in 2014 with flagship-level specs and a low $300 price tag. On the front, a 20-megapixel selfie snapper is listed, which is an upgrade compared to its predecessor.

The brand has been promoting the OnePlus 5T on social media by releasing teasers and images captured by the handset.

OnePlus has finally revealed that it will be launching the new OnePlus 5T smartphone on November 16. That earned it a lot of fans, many of whom automatically buy the newest OnePlus phone as soon as it's available. It also stated that phone would continue to have a 3.5mm headphone jack. "Guess which city we're going to party in for the #OnePlus5T launch!" the caption read.

For those unable to attend, the launch will stream live on OnePlus' website, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook on the 16th. The phone - according to Phonearena is of West 34th Street and Broadway in Manhattan, New York City.

  • Joey Payne