IOS 11.2 will let developers offer introductory pricing for subscription apps

IOS 11.2 will let developers offer introductory pricing for subscription apps


Sometimes, users get an "a" with the question mark box right next to it when they type "i", according to Elite Daily.

Auto-renewing subscriptions became available with the release of iOS 10, and the public release of iOS 11.2 will include new subscription classes for developers looking to entice users to try their product with a lower introductory rate.

They also published a temporary fix on apple-dot-com.

While it was first said to be coming with the release of iOS 11, its release was delayed.

You can also completely disable the "Auto-Correction" feature of the iOS platform to impose the letters you type on your keyboard.

Although Apple hasn't officially updated the software to correct the issue, it suggested on its website a way for users to fix it themselves.

The iOS 11.2 probably won't deliver new emojis, but it's shaping up to be another solid milestone release for Apple's mobile devices. Apple isn't saying, but there are some technical theories. It dampens the party mood for apple who have been on a roll since the launch of the iPhone X and the trappings that followed as depicted by unprecedented Wall Street performance.

Make sure that you sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID on any device that you want to use to send or receive money.

The reason behind the bug is unclear, and while a significant portion of iOS 11.1 users are experiencing the problem, not everyone is seeing it.

"For some reason inside the keyboard replacement settings pane, typing an uppercase I works". Posts such as "iOS 11.1 freaking sucks, it really kills battery life".

The weekend-long fuss brought by the weird bug is not news for Apple manufacturers as a similar problem was witnessed in last year's iPhone 7.

Apple Pay Cash is integrated into the Messages app, meaning you can send and receive money as you would a text message. This bug affected the phone's lightning Earpods and poor network signal.

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