Danica Roem, a transgender Virginia candidate, makes history defeating conservative

He was the sponsor of Virginia's bathroom bill that would have discriminated against transgender people.

"This is what happens when the radical transgender lobby pours more than $600,000 into a small state race and conservative donors largely sit the race out - Democrats cruise to victory and claim a mandate on an issue they were too afraid to outwardly campaign on", said Terry Schilling, executive director at the Washington-based American Principles Project, which donated money to Marshall and orchestrated a telephone poll aimed at shoring up his supporters late in the race.

In the race for Virginia's 13th District, Roem, who was the Virginia House of Delegates candidate, defeated Republican incumbent Bob Marshall.

Marshall was aggressively transphobic in his campaign, including refusing to debate Roem and consistently referring to her with the wrong pronoun. She also sang in a metal band in her spare time, ABC News said. Danica Roem, 32, won a seat in the Virginia House of Representatives, defeating the strongly anti-LGBTQI Republican candidate Robert Marshall.

"Thank you Hoboken. I look forward to being your Mayor!"

Roem also focused on jobs and schools during her campaign. Victory Fund, a group that advocates for LGBTQ candidates, said Jenkins is the first openly transgender woman elected to the city council of a major USA city.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Marshall said: "For 26 years I've been proud to fight for you, and fight for our future". "We shouldn't just be pigeonholed into the idea that we're just going to be fighting about bathrooms".

This video shows Roem's victory speech at the election night watch party.

Roem told FOX 5 she believes her victory says voters want the changes she promised, and she's already started her quest to fulfill them.

Roem handily outraised her opponent and as the Washington Post reports, her campaign "executed an aggressive ground game, knocking on doors more than 75,000 times in a district with 52,471 registered voters, sitting for endless public appearances and interviews, and maintaining a steady social media presence". "If anybody thinks I was joking about that, they're about to be annoyed for the next two years as I constantly persist". "Someone has to fix Route 28". The Seattle Times reported that Durkan won 61 per cent of the vote Tuesday night.

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