Again!?! April the Giraffe could be pregnant

Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch went on Good Morning America yesterday where he said he could neither confirm or deny that April was indeed pregnant.

When asked whether April is indeed pregnant again on Friday, park spokesman Stephen Donnelly simply repeated Patch's initial response.

In his TV appearance, Patch said April has been an wonderful mother to baby Tajiri, who likes to be independent, thanks to his father Oliver.

Staff previously told Inside Edition that April was ready to mate again and her partner, Oliver, was showing interest.

By the time she gave birth on April 15, the giraffe had captured millions of fans - all of whom tuned in to watch the culmination of her pregnancy.

"We can't confirm or deny that", Steven Donnelly told TODAY about the pregnancy speculation.

The owner of upper state New York's Animal Adventure Park dropped a major hint while being interviewed on live TV.

And the "Giraffe Cam" continues to live stream April, Oliver and their not-so-little baby 7 days a week during limited hours.

Tajiri, April's fourth child, now weighs 450 pounds and, at nearly 10 feet tall, he is almost as big as his mother.

Patch also gave an update on Tajiri on GMA.

The long-necked sensation netted a massive fanbase over the course of her 15-month pregnancy earlier this year, scores of them eagerly following her journey on a social media livestream set up by the Harpursville zoo. He added that it was a blessing for Tajiri to progress in his growth, while also seeing hundreds of thousands of visitors, all of it was "remarkably easy and textbook".

  • Kyle Peterson