Pittsburgh Breaks Record Low Temperature On Veterans Day

The Friday night chill was expected to give way to warmer weather over the weekend and into next week, according to the National Weather Service.

So, bundle up New Jerseyans because the Arctic air bearing down Saturday morning is challenging decades-old record lows as chilly winds cut across the state.

Saturday marked the second consecutive day of record-breaking cold for the Boston area.

It brought cold rain, some snowflakes and warnings for this morning's commuters to keep an eye out for black ice on bridges and overpasses.

It was a frigid start on Veterans Day in Pittsburgh and a new record low was set.

That would set another record for cold. Such alerts come when temperatures are expected to be 13 degrees or below or when the temperature is at or below 20 degrees with winds of 5 miles per hour or higher.

Thursday and Friday are expected to be sunny and somewhat warmer with a high of 50 degrees, although that still falls below the average temperature of 53 degrees for this time of year. The record of zero degrees in 1936 remains intact.

But the cold snap won't last too long for New Yorkers - with forecast highs of 38 degrees on Saturday afternoon and 48 degrees on Sunday.

They'll rebound closer to normal on Sunday with a 40 percent chance of showers and a high of 42 degrees. A light southerly breeze is forecast.

  • Rogelio Becker