Goodwin Lost Infant Daughter Hours Before 49ers Win

After the play, Goodwin dropped to his knees and kept his face on the ground while several teammates gathered to comfort him.

At 4 a.m. Sunday, Goodwin's wife, Morgan, prematurely delivered a baby boy.

She added, "Today, I had to deliver my precious baby boy early this morning due to preterm labor".

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin was extremely emotional on the sideline after a long touchdown catch Sunday.

And when Goodwin scored the TD, he gripped the football tight, looked up to the sky and emotionally broke down in the end zone in this heartbreaking moment.

The 49ers went on to defeat the Giants 31-21 to earn their first win of the season. "Please Pray for the Goodwin family", Goodwin wrote.

Goodwin left the team's locker room quickly after the game to return to his family, NBC Sports reported. Meanwhile, thousands of viewers at home were unaware of the story behind Goodwin's display. Morgan Goodwin, nee Snow, is an accomplished athlete in her own right; at the University of Texas, where the two met, was a nine-time All-American hurdler and sprinter, and was the 2012 World Junior Champion in the 100 meter hurdles.

Before Sunday's game, Morgan had posted a photo of her husband on Instagram, along with this message: "Lord Jesus, give him strength as he step out on that field today".

Thanking those who had reached out to the family, Goodwin-Snow said her pregnancy had been "an wonderful experience and it was also a tragic experience".

  • Stacy Allen