Google's Update for Google Home Lets it Double up as an Intercom

Ecobee3, Ecobee3 Lite, and Ecobee4 can be accessed with the help of Google Home or by any other device that supports Google Assistance. The new update will allow you to broadcast a message between your phone and Google Home speaker, or on multiple speakers in the house.

If you want to broadcast from your phone to Google home, you need to open up Google Assistant on your phone and say "Broadcast I'm on the way home". One feature Amazon already has for the Echo family is a PA type system which you can use the speakers to talk with another Alexa unit in the house. The virtual assistant can even go online and search for what you need on the internet, craft a to-do list, manage your smart home devices, and more. All these Google Home devices have to be on the same Wi-Fi network, and at least one member of your household has to sign into their Goole account on each of the Google Home devices. The Google support page on the feature now states that you need Google Home devices with firmware 1.26.93937 or higher to use broadcasting.

In addition to checking the temperature, you can also cycle through your thermostat's comfort settings (away, home, and sleep) and tell it to heat up or cool down a room. Now the time has finally arrived when one can use this technology.

Google Home announced a refreshed app today with a new look and a few updates meant to make it easier to find shows, films, and music.

Known as broadcasting, it saves you from having to shout call your family for dinner or let the kids know they're about to be late for school.

For instance, just say, "OK Google, broadcast it's time for school!"

Google's help centre has more information, here. It's rolling out today to devices that are set to U.S., Australia, Canada and U.K. English, with further language support coming soon.

  • Joey Payne