Apple Officially Delays HomePod Launch Until 2018

The smart assistant is being held out of the holiday shopping season as Apple needs, "a little more time before it's ready for our customers", an Apple spokesperson told the website. We'll start shipping in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia in early 2018.

Apple announced it's delaying the launch of its HomePod until "early 2018", CNBC reported Friday. In a statement released today, Apple says that while it can't wait for people to use the smart speaker, "we need a little more time until its ready for customers".

If you've been saving up your pennies to buy a HomePod before the end of the year put on your patience trousers because that's not happening.

Apple first showed off HomePod at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in June and said the device would ship before the end of the year for US$349. Apple's HomePod is aware of how big the room is where it is being placed, and adjusts the sound accordingly for the best experience.

Apple was originally planning to release the HomePod in December, but has now delayed it until 2018. It's also possible-and I think more likely-Apple is having a tough time overcoming design issues. For right now though, you should enjoy your Amazon Echo, Google Home, or any other smart speaker you may have. You can stream other services to it from a smartphone, but not with Siri. With a device like a smart speaker, which packages not only music but voice control and home automation into a single device, there's no shortage of places where hold-ups could be introduced.

  • Joey Payne