Elon Musk Says Tesla Roadster Is Quickest Production Car Ever

The company's billionaire chief executive Elon Musk said the Semi truck is capable of travelling 500 miles on an electric charge.

So, yes, the Tesla Semi will be able to drive itself, on the highways at least. It was a typical Tesla event, full of twists, shocks, and plenty of smoke and mirrors.

"The specs on the new semi truck and sports auto would put both vehicles at the top of their segments ... assuming they can be produced and sold as part of a sustainable business plan", Brauer told Automotive News. Electric truck sales totaled 4,100 in 2016, but are expected to grow to more than 70,000 in 2026, says Navigant Research. Musk boasted that the Semi will be able to go 500 miles at full speed before needing to stop to recharge the battery. The 500-mile version will be able to do round-trip runs on the vast majority of US freight routes, which are 250 miles or less, Musk said. The auto can reach 100 miles per hour in just 4.2 seconds, according to Musk.

Arthur Wheaton from Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations said that the electric truck signalled the future of long-distance haulage but risked stretching Tesla's production resources too far.

While Musk suggested that the Tesla Semi could effectively replace all diesel trucks, the haulage companies themselves are being a little more tentative in their expectations.

Taking into account focus is now on ramping up Model 3 production and at the same time prepping the Semi and a second-generation Roadster, it means any potential pickup truck will have to wait. "People have asked us for a long time, 'When are you going to make a new Roadster?' We are making it now", Musk said.

Semi adds one more major project on the plate of Musk, who not only has several in the works at Tesla, but also runs aerospace company Space X, and The Boring Company, which is attempting to solve traffic woes by creating a high-speed transportation system featuring a series of tunnels.

Acceleration junkie and Tesla drag racing veteran Brooks from Drag Times documented his experience blasting off from a standstill to over 80 miles per hour, in record-setting fashion, inside a Tesla Roadster prototype. And so is a startup called Nikola Motor, which just so happens to be the first name of the famed inventor that Tesla is named after. The surprise introduction of a new version of Tesla's beloved Roadster sports auto also helped push the stock higher.

The "cheaper" Model 3 is what many on Wall Street hope will vault Tesla into the upper echelon of mass market auto makers.

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  • Eleanor Harrison