Gayle King says ousted Charlie Rose 'does not get a pass'

Kelly's story about Rose came one day after the CBS This Morning anchor was accused of sexual misconduct, including groping and lewd remarks, by eight women in a Washington Post report.

In the immediate aftermath of the Post's report, CBS News announced it is suspending Rose and PBS said that it would halt distribution of his show.

Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King, Rose's co-hosts of "CBS This Morning", addressed the allegations against their former co-host on their Tuesday morning show. One said he groped her buttocks at a staff party.

"Charlie does not get a pass here", King said.

The 75-year-old newsman was also a contributor to "60 Minutes" on CBS.

It is unknown if the network is commissioning a formal investigation into who knew what about the misconduct allegations, and when they may have known it. The Post says that all of the women were between the ages of 21 and 37 at the time of their unwanted encounters; had offered "striking commonalities" in their accounts; and all had confided with friends, family and colleagues about the incidents at the time.

PBS, CBS and Bloomberg, which also employs Rose, said there was no record of sexual harassment complaints against him.

Rose released a statement on Monday night apologizing to the women for his behavior.

O'Donnell said, "I've been doing a lot of listening, and I'm going to continue to do that". There are so many incredible people here, especially on this show, all of you here.

"I certainly echo that", King said.

King said the allegations did not fit the Rose she knew, but that "I'm clearly on the side of the women who have been very hurt and damaged by this".

Rose issued a statement to the Post that he is "greatly embarrassed". "I failed. It is crushing". A former associate producer for Rose's PBS show, Reah Bravo, told the Washington Post: "He was a sexual predator, and I was his victim".

He adds he always felt he was pursuing shared feelings, but says he realizes he was mistaken.

I'm deeply disappointed and angry that people were victimized-and that even people not connected with these events could see their hard work undermined.

"I think that we have to make this matter to woman - the woman that have spoken up, the women who have not spoken up because they are afraid, I'm hoping that now they will take the step to speak up too and that this becomes a moment of truth", she continued.

  • Kyle Peterson