United States congratulates Bhandari on ICJ re-election

"But we maintain that it is an issue to be resolved between the governments of India and Pakistan. we continue to monitor situation very carefully", said Foreign Office minister Rory Stewart.

His second term begins February 2018 and he will be with the ICJ for nine years.

India's victory assumes significance as this was the first time that a P5 nation was in direct contest with a non-member of the Security Council for the post of a judge at the ICJ.

In the fourth round, Bhandari had received a majority - 115 votes - in the General Assembly, while Greenwood received 76 votes. The two presidents read out the letter in their respective chambers. 70- year-old Bhandari received 183 of the 193 votes in the General Assembly and secured all 15 votes in the Security Council to fill the final vacancy on the Hague-based ICJ.

In the 11 rounds of voting, Bhandari had got almost two-thirds of the votes in the General Assembly and in Security Council Greenwood consistently received nine votes as against five for his opponent. Britain had even toyed with the idea of a rarely-used mechanism of a joint meeting of the Security Council and General Assembly to break the continuing deadlock in the election, where a candidate needs a majority in both the UNGA and UNSC to win a place in ICJ.

"We're naturally disappointed", Rycroft said later, but congratulated Justice Bhandari and said the United Kingdom would continue to cooperate closely with India at the UN and globally.

"A vote that brings cheer to a billion India's nominee Judge Bhandari re-elected to ICJ", India's ambassador/permanent representative Syed Akbaruddin broke the news on Twitter as soon as the result were announced. Ever since Bhandari's candidature was filed in June MEA had put in relentless efforts to clinch victory in what was a cliff hanger. "Syed Akbaruddin, our Permanent Representative in the United Nations deserves a special mention". PM Narendra Modi credited the efforts of Swaraj and MEA officials for the re-election.

"On one level, this reflects a shift in the balance of power at the United Nations away from the Security Council".

"We thank all those Governments who supported India in this election", the Ministry of External Affairs said in its statement. "We're not going to comment on the prior rounds of voting".

Justice Bhandari's presence on the ICJ is an important factor. He added, "It has been the long-standing objective of UK foreign policy to support India in the United Nations".

The voting in the General Assembly which overwhelmingly favours India is reflective of the new global order, which is not pleasant to the world powers.

  • Stacy Allen