4.1 magnitude quake strikes DE and parts of Maryland

An quake shook the region late Thursday afternoon, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The USGS said a magnitude 4.4 quake was reported 10 km east-northeast of Dover, Delaware at 4:47 p.m. ET. The magnitude falls under the category of "light" on the Richter scale, with noticeable shaking but zero to minimal damage. It was later downgraded again to 4.1magnitude.

According to Delaware Emergency Management Agency, there are no reports of damages and injuries. However, in DE, the quake jolted downtown Dover, sending lawmakers and workers in the statehouse outdoors to see what happened.

A USGS map shows where the November 30 quake was felt throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and beyond.

A 2011 Virginia natural disaster, that measured a much larger magnitude 5.8, was felt from North Carolina to even Canada.

John Bellini, a geophysicist USGS's natural disaster information centre in Colorado, said any damage would be limited.

Caruso said he didn't expect any significant damage, given the small size of the quake. He said the quake was widely felt around the Mid-Atlantic region.

The jolt was strong enough in downtown Baltimore that a smattering of residents streamed out of office towers and into the streets.

Twitter users, including History Professor Kevin Kruse, also feeling the natural disaster in Princeton.

AP writes that Sgt. Rene Carberry - a spokeswoman at Dover Air Force Base - said people on the military installation felt it; some went outside to see if something fell down.

Others commented that they had not felt a thing.

Fill out the form and tell us where you were and if you felt anything. Officers were sent to check the homes, she said. "It was actually pretty scary and pretty surprising". It's impact included damage to the Washington Monument and National Cathedral in Washington, both of which are still undergoing repairs.

  • Rogelio Becker