Oh Look, iOS 11 Had Yet Another Phone-Breaking Bug

Oh Look, iOS 11 Had Yet Another Phone-Breaking Bug


Apple has released iOS 11.2, pushing out the major iPhone and iPad update in what appears to be an early launch to address devices affected by the December 2 crash bug.

The issue, which arose on Saturday and is said to be date-related, is caused by Local Notifications which apps use to flash information on screen for the user.

Soon after the hours of releasing the beta version of iOS 11.2, Apple rolled out the latest update for everyone.

With Apple Pay Cash, users will be able to send payments through the Messages app.

-Update your device to iOS 11.2. After the update is installed, these phones will get a new and faster 7.5W wireless charging technology, which is without a doubt a much needed upgrade over the slightly slower 5W wired adapter. But like every other iOS release, some might not find the update in good taste for several reasons. Apparently, Apple planned on launching Apple Pay Cash this coming week when iOS 11.2 was originally going to be made available.

Apple has already issued a fix. The new iOS update has got plenty of features which are absolutely innovative and people are liking how the new iOS 11 works on a smartphone. Once you're on iOS 11.2 turn notifications back on.

The iOS bug is the second big software blunder from Apple this week.

To close down apps that are running in the background on most iPhones, you double-click the Home Button and then swiping up. Once your card's set up, all you have to do is open the Apple Pay app in iMessage to complete a transaction with a few simple taps.

This has been a bad week for Apple's Quality Assurance team.

Earlier this week developers found a security flaw in the company's macOS High Sierra computer operating system that allowed users to gain administrative access without inputting a password.

  • Terrell Bush