JuJu Smith-Schuster, George Iloka suspended 1 game

Antonio Brown called the hit karma. Mitchell also spoke on that and praised Iloka, while informing Steelers fans not to attack him.

Likewise, Bengals safety George Iloka could get Roger Goodell jail time for his late helmet-to-helmet hit on Brown after Brown's TD catch tied the game and dealt the second-to-last blow in another Bengals' collapse against the Steelers. The hit happened on a short pass to Le'Veon Bell, and resulted in Burfict leaving the field on a stretcher.

Smith-Schuster's regret was the taunting, since it cost them a penalty.

Roethlisberger did say Smith-Schuster deserved to be fined for the play, though mostly because of how he taunted Burfict after the hit rather than for the collision itself.

"I like that. I like that", Brown said. In their October matchup, Burfict kicked Steelers FB Roosevelt Nix in the head and refused to meet with Steelers captains at midfield.

The rookie apologized for his actions after the game, saying according to ESPN: "I didn't know it was Burfict at first". "All I saw was the first Bengal was going to tackle. and my instinct is I gotta block for my teammate". It wasn't away from the ball, it wasn't a hit on a kicker or a defenseless player.

"I didn't think it was warranted", he said. Also, I believe that that's not me. "I didn't mean to stand over him. Praying he gets better". We all put our lives on the line when we come out here every week, and you don't want anything like that to happen to a player, no matter what team you play for or how big the rivalry is. I apologize for standing over him and that isn't me.

Burfict had left the field with an apparent injury to his left elbow earlier in the fourth quarter Monday.?

Smith-Schuster added extra attention to the play by standing over an injured Burfict, who has a history of concussions as well as risky hits and actions that have drawn the ire of the league office.

Vontaze Burfict got what was coming to him.

There's not a set rule for what gets a player suspended. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be the only scary injury to take place in the Steelers-Bengals game. Smith-Schuster's hit provided a similar threat, which is something the National Football League wants to avoid. We already play a unsafe sport.

  • Stacy Allen