Suspect Charged in Death of Ex-NBA Player Lorenzen Wright

When the killing happened in 2010, Wright's body was found days after his death and his body was so decomposed it was unable to be determined how many times the man was shot, however, multiple casings were found from different caliber weapons.

46-year-old suspect Billy Turner was apprehended at a gas station and charged with first-degree murder.

Wright, a 6-foot-11 Memphis native, University of Memphis standout and 13-year professional player, was last heard from on July 19, 2010, during a 911 call to a dispatcher in Germantown, Tenn., shortly after midnight. He visited Memphis in 2010 and according to his ex-wife, he left his home on the evening of July 18 with drugs and an unspecified amount of cash as he got into a auto with an unidentified individual. He was 34 at the time of his disappearance. He averaged 8 points per game and more than 6 rebounds per game during his career. According to an affidavit, Sherra Wright told police she saw him leave her home carrying money and a box of drugs.

"They just called me to say they have some good news", Wright's mother Deborah told the Commercial Appeal in Memphis last month.

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing.

There was a $21,000 reward being offered for any information leading to an arrest.

The next day police received a phone call from Wright's cellphone, but it was interrupted by gunfire, according to the D.A.

Dispatchers said they didn't alert patrol officers or commanders because they couldn't confirm it came from their jurisdiction.

According to reports, Wright was 34 and retired from the National Basketball Association at the time. Two days later, he was found in a field near a golf course.

  • Rogelio Becker