Facebook Adds Livestreaming To 'Instant Games' Feature Within Messenger

Facebook Adds Livestreaming To 'Instant Games' Feature Within Messenger


Moreover, the Messenger will also roll out a feature which will enable the users to do group chats while playing games.

Sonic Jump from SEGA, developed by SEGA HARDlight, will introduce a new, arcade style adventure to Messenger, featuring classic Sonic enemies, power-ups and traps as players challenge friends to see who can jump the farthest.

Facebook has also announced Messenger's video chat feature will come to Instant Games early next year. Going live in an Instant Game initiates a stream on your Facebook profile or page, which posts as a traditional video after the broadcast has concluded.

Propelled in May this year, Facebook Messenger's Instant Games is getting redesigned with highlights like another live-gushing alternative that gives you a chance to communicate Instant Games to every one of your companions and adherents with Facebook Live.

Last but not least, Facebook is bringing a bunch of new games to the Messenger. Initially, the social media giant rolled out this new feature with only 20 games in 30 countries. Interestingly, for what may be a first in games, there are more females on the platform than males. The second feature will allow Messenger users to play games with each other while video chatting.

To play, start a conversation with friends or with yourself, click on the plus sign next to the text box, go to the "Games" option and choose a game to play or in some markets, people can simply tap the Games section on the Messenger home screen.

The livestreaming started rolling out this week, while the video chat feature will be introduced early next year. Angry Birds is coming in "early 2018", featuring the ability to play with friends.

On top of the new features, Facebook is also adding new games in the coming weeks and months. Like all posts, these live video posts can be deleted at any time.

We're so glad that people are embracing the wonderful experiences game developers are building for Instant Games. However, in Facebook's case, the addition is more casual - it's more about sharing with friends, not monetizing a community through subscriptions, game sales, or custom chat icons, as you'd find on Twitch or YouTube, for example. And now after a year, they provide more than 70 games and more than 100 developers are working on it across the world.

In 2018, Facebook Messenger brings Disney plush characters to the platform with Disney Tsum Tsum, published by LINE Corp.

  • Terrell Bush