Apple Music competitor? YouTube to launch music streaming service 'Remix' in March

In the year 2014, the company has released its own add-free music service called, YouTube Music Key which is now called, YouTube Red. At the moment, Spotify boasts over 140 million monthly users while Apple Music has over 30 million subscribers. The new streaming service, which is said to be called Remix, will include Spotify-style on-demand streaming along with YouTube-only elements like video clips.

YouTube hasn't had the same success as Apple or Spotify in convincing people to sign up for its paid music services, though it's not for lack of trying.

This service is all set for launch in March, and has been named "Remix".

This rollout is part of a massive global push that started over a year ago, TechCrunch reports.

"Music is very important to Google and we're evaluating how to bring together our music offerings to deliver the best possible product for our users, music partners and artists".

However, the service will require a few things before you can make use of it.

YouTube has inked a deal with Warner Music Group and is in discussion with Sony Music Entertainment, Merlin, and Universal Music Group, a group of independent labels. Would you consider giving YouTube's upcoming music subscription service a shot? March seems like a quick release date however, as reports suggest that YouTube, who is still in talks with both Sony and Universal, must also work out a partnership with Vevo, a rival video service owned by both Sony and Universal that distributes their artist's music videos.

Amazon, which has taken the lead with its Alexa-powered devices for home automation and other services, said the digital assistant can help workers get directions around the office, report an equipment problem or order supplies.

The company has now extended the region of availability of its Amazon Echo and Amazon Music Play to 28 more countries. We should know more about Remix in the coming months.

  • Joey Payne