First Trailer For 'Marvel's Jessica Jones' Season 2 Released

Her first season is still regarded as one of Netflix's best for their Marvel programming, and fans have anxiously been awaiting more.

As exciting as it is to know Tennant's creepy villain is back for more this time round - and it makes sense, given the huge, disgusting role Kilgrave played in her life, that Jessica doesn't just immediately think she's done internally dealing with Kilgrave after snapping his neck - hopefully it's a return that facilitates more introspection and dives into Jessica's character.

"Jessica is in a pretty dark headspace when we meet her at the top of season 2".

Netflix announced that the second season of "Marvel's Jessica Jones" will premiere on March 8, 2018. Making a majorly positive impact back on critics and the wider viewing public, it became one of the most popular parts of the Marvel/Netflix collaborative shows, and will be making its return next year for what's promised to be an exciting second season.

The short, 55-second preview reminds us of why we fell for Krysten Ritter's anti-heroine private eye in her debut season back in 2015. In fact, not a lot of information in regards to the plot for season 2 has yet been given, but we can bet that it'll be just as thrilling as the show has ever been. But a new case forces Jessica to dig deeper into her own past, something she's not entirely psyched to do.

Netflix released the first trailer for season 2 of Jessica Jones today. It just took my breath away, because playing Jessica is the most creatively fulfilling series of my life, and also the most hard. Other Netflix shows now in development are Daredevil season 3, Luke Cage season 2, and Iron Fist season 2. Will there be some fallout to what she did to Kilgrave last season? "I think just having [Kilgrave] come back and be that mirror again is really important". Although he's gone by the time of season 2, he's most definitely not forgotten - and the show will use his return to delve further into Jessica's messed up past.

Starring Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Rachael Taylor as Patricia "Trish" Walker, Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth, Eka Darville as Malcolm Ducasse, Leah Gibson as Ingrid. and J.R. Ramirez as Oscar, JESSICA JONES Season 2 is Coming Soon to Netflix. We can't wait to take it all in.

  • Kyle Peterson