National Hockey League to consider Seattle expansion bid

"I'm interested in the Seattle news because, of course, that's over $600 million of private funding", he told reporters in a scrum.

On Thursday, the city of Seattle's hockey hopes were the highest they've been in a century. The Vegas Golden Knights, who began play this season, paid a $500 million expansion fee.

"But I think there's a lot of pent-up appetite here in Seattle for this, and so I think we can meet the benchmarks we need to meet". And it seemed all anyone wanted to talk about is which city could be getting a new National Hockey League franchise (and which ones won't) - as well as if any teams could be on the move.

"Our plan is just to look at Seattle at this point", Bettman said.

If Seattle is unsuccessful during this expansion process, they also may be considered as an option for relocation during the 2020-21 season, Bettman says. The cost for the new team would be $650 million.

In short, if the newly renovated arena doesn't get a hockey team, it could sit mostly empty for at least three years, so the Oak View Group is highly motivated to get fans in seats as soon as the renovations are completed by securing an NHL team.

Seattle was always going to be a logical place for further expansion.

"Pete and I built a relationship", Dundon said after the meeting.

Commissioner Gary Bettman said Thursday the league's board of governors have agreed to consider an expansion application from billionaire David Bonderman and filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer to bring a franchise to the city.

The news also means that the Bonderman group, who were key in helping Seattle get the KeyArena renovation, will now be able to conduct a season ticket sales drive in the same vein as Vegas when it started its bid for a team.

"The league has never been healthier", Bettman said according to Sportsnet. "We have agreed as a league to take and consider an expansion application and to let them run in the next few months a season-ticket drive".

Bettman said that apart from the salary cap update, Friday's agenda included the board of governors discussing business reports, the league's centennial celebration, games overseas, next season's schedule, esports endeavours, as well as player and puck tracking.

The idea of season tickets - something fans can only describe as an early Christmas present. "Right now, it's kind of in the hands of the public authorities in NY as to whether they're granted an RFP for the Belmont Project", Daly said. "It's nearly overwhelming to be honest". The Knights have been a great boost for the league, as they've started the season better than any expansion team in NHL history, and are vying for the top spot in the Pacific Conference with the L.A Kings.

  • Stacy Allen