Google releases three photography 'appsperiments'

Under the Appsperiments umbrella, the company has launched three apps, which are fully functional in their own right but are based on new technology that Google will continue to build out over time.

The apps, which are available on the iOS App Store and Google Play, give Google a way to test out more experimental features to see how users respond, the company explains in an announcement on its Google Research blog.

Created to explore the potential of mobile photography using its latest technology, Appsperiments launches with a collection of three apps described as "usable and useful mobile photography experiences built on experimental technology".

Google announced the appsperiments stating that the approach was inspired by an app called Motion Stills developed by researchers at Google. There are six visual styles in total too, one of which will be applied automatically.

The Google Research team is testing new concepts for mobile photography editing apps - what it endearingly calls "appsperiments" - on the heels of its take on Instagram's and Microsoft's Hyperlapse editing software called Motion Stills. This is app is right now available only on Android. What the app does is to encourage you to capture your best self. The Android and iOS app detects when you've stopped moving to capture each new pose, from sultry duck lips to goofy crinkle nose. If you are a comic fan, the tech giant is experimenting on an app called Storyboard.

Storyboard is a new Android app that transforms your videos into a single-page comic. Tap the screen to start a photoshoot.

Finally, there's Scrubbies, the name referring to the app's big function: scrubbing through a video in order to adjust its playback. Tap on the screen to end the session, select the pictures you want, and save them individually or the entire shoot. It lets users scrub video in either direction at varying speeds and captures the action as they scrub. Here, a user shoots a video on their phone and loads it into the app. "Swipe back and forwards on the video to 'remix" it. Swipe the video with two fingers to record the playback.

  • Joey Payne