Year-old YouTube star makes $11 million a year

Ryan ToysReview started in 2015 when the boy was only 4 years old.

The richest YouTuber in the world, Minecraft player Daniel Middleton, is an uber-celebrity among 11-year-olds, yet would have little trouble walking down any street in the world without being recognised.

Ryan comes in eighth tied on this year's Forbes list for the world's highest paid YouTube stars of 2017. Ryan, whose last name and location is kept private, has more than 10 million subscribers and is a viral sensation among kids all over, as reported by The Washington Post.

Fifth-ranked Logan Paul, who came to fame with the six-second video platform Vine, reaps $12.5 million a year and has made several appearances on commercial late night shows.

When Forbes recently released the list of highest paying YouTubers, every eye stumbled upon one channel, 'Ryan Toys Review', and the reason was pretty simple, the anchor of this YouTube channel is a six-year-old boy named Ryan.

It started after Ryan asked his parents if he could be on YouTube like "all the other kids" after watching toy-reviews channels.

Children everywhere seems to be in a close relationship with Ryan, they don't take him as a stranger on YouTube but as a friend. Watch below as Ryan opens a surprise toys advent calendar.

It now has close to 800 million views.

The channel is described as a "toy reviews for kids by a kid", and boasts a large online following with over 10 million subscribers since its inception in March 2015.

Interestingly, the toys used for review will be later donated to charitable organizations. The videos posted nearly daily on the channel are all shot and produced by Ryan's parents, who began "Ryan ToysReview" in March 2015 when he was still 4 years old.

  • Kyle Peterson