Harry Potter Mobile RPG Coming Next Year

Harry Potter Mobile RPG Coming Next Year


Hogwarts Mystery, a new role-playing mobile game, will allow players to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Niantic Labs, the company behind the wildly successful Pokémon Go, is expected to release a brand new augmented reality experience for the Harry Potter universe.

According to Pottermore, the game will be an RPG for mobile devices and is being developed by Jam City, who have developed such games as Avengers Academy, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow and Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. Indeed, there's more than a few starry-eyed adults who have wished that they had received a magical owl letter of their own and could be whisked away from the mundane world of Muggles and into a life of mystery and magic.

In "Hogwarts Mystery", players progress through their years at Hogwarts, participating in the magical classes and activities Potterheads have come to love, including Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and Duelling Club. Interactive Entertainment's Portkey Games, a new label dedicated to J.K. Rowling's creations. The release from Warner Bros. indicates that the game's plot will focus on your customized wizard and their life within the walls of Hogwarts. But there will be no Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, or Hermione Granger to greet them. "Theoretically, this game could be going on for many years", DeWolfe explains. Warner Bros. and Rowling licensed the IP to Universal Studios for the creation of Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park attractions.

"Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a mobile gaming experience inspired by J.K. Rowling's spell-binding lore, and it will be an exciting, fun way for fans to experience the Wizarding World", said president of Warner Bros.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will launch free-to-play and be available for download through Apple's App Store, Google Play and Amazon's Appstore. In other words, 2018 might be the best year to be a muggle yet.

  • Terrell Bush