Alec Baldwin reprises Trump role in Saturday Night Live's Christmas show

Saturday Night Live utilized its frosty open to train in on the rundown of workers who left the Trump administration in under a year.

The two then turned to trimming the tree, with Baldwin's Trump saying, "In the Christmas spirit I wanted to thank all the fantastic people who work for me, but because I can't help myself I also want to remember all the haters and losers I destroyed this year".

"I chose disgraced Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey", McKinnon's Conway said, holding an ornament with Comey's face on it. When Baldwin asked her what she wanted for Christmas, McKinnon answered, "I want out". She's followed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who brings ornaments featuring Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci, whose "mangled corpses I stepped over to get this job".

Beck Bennett steps forward next as Vice President Mike Pence (albeit with a hint of an accent from Bennett's Vladimir Putin character), who offhandedly admits he doesn't like the Christmas song "Deck the Halls" because it includes "gay apparel" in its lyrics.

Former White House Aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman was featured in not one, but two sketches on the season finale of Saturday Night Live this week.

The tree-trimming session is interrupted by a sudden rapping at the window.

Of course, what Trump skit would be complete without Scarlett Johansson's Ivanka Trump? "Nobody kicks Omarosa out of the White House!".

"You better take my arm, because I'm escorting you out of the studio", Omarosa said to the guard.

Omarosa shows up once more, with the signature music to The Apprentice.

"Ivanka, you made it, but where's Jared?"

"He's packing a go bag before the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrives", she says. Moore had spent several weeks battling accusations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls and, at press time, has not yet conceded the race.

"I thought for sure he would win, until he lost, then I said I always knew he would lose", Baldwin stated, referring to Moore. "And then I threw myself into the bushes". He is joined by his sibling Eric Trump who influenced a macaroni to star.

Finally, McKinnon comes on as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, dressed as an elf, who asks to put the angel on the tree. "We got the chance to remove the make a beeline for slaughter the snake".

Merry Christmas from the Trumps!

  • Rogelio Becker