Apple admits to slowing iPhones, you're not imagining it

Apple admits to slowing iPhones, you're not imagining it


In a rare confession the tech giant Apple on Thursday reportedly issued a statement in which it has evidently admitted that it does slows down the performance of older phones, Thus confirming the long held suspicion by the iphone users.

After spending a small fortune for the latest iPhone available at the time, consumers have every right to be upset that they were not informed their devices were being restricted due to poorly designed power delivery stages.

The case was brought by a number of people who have "owned iPhone 7, and iPhone 7s, or have owned older iPhone models for the past years".

They argue Apple installed a new feature to throttle old iPhones without the owners' permission.

We first saw news of the lawsuits at Apple Insider. It was a CPU speed limit created to stop older model iPhones from demanding too much from batteries with diminished capacity, thus preventing the handsets from rapidly running out of power and shutting down.

This week, Apple admitted that it throttled the performance of older iPhones and said the feature was meant to prolong the life of its products.

Apple admits to slowing iPhones, you're not imagining it
Apple admits to slowing iPhones, you're not imagining it

Essentially, Apple says that at peak times of performance, older lithium-ion batteries are unable to handle demands, which results in the entire device shutting down to "protect its electronic components". However, despite the suit's claims, a $79 replacement battery does in fact return full speed to the devices.

Previous year we released a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions. The lawsuit was filed by two California residents claiming Apple degraded their iPhone's performance without consent causing them to suffer "economic damages". Had they known they could have improved their phones' performance by replacing the batteries, they would not have spent more to buy the new phones, the lawsuit says.

Without question, the iPhone X is the most dramatic redesign in the iPhone's 10-year history.

The fix was supposed to help people get more out of their ageing batteries, and "reduce occurrences of unexpected shutdowns", according to the company.

The Apple statement came several days after an iPhone 6S users found that replacing his phone's battery made his phone faster again, even with the iOS 11.

This seems to take advantage of Apple's admission that appeared earlier this week.

  • Terrell Bush