ARMS content support ends with today's 5.0 update, but balancing will continue

This gleefully sinister fighter packs a lot of odd abilities that the game hasn't seen thus far.

Today's update brings a new fighter and a new stage, bringing the postlaunch support to five fighters and stages, with 12 new arms to work with compared to what ARMS launched with. She is called Dr. Coyle and she is a radical scientist.

The new ARMS update is out now for free on Nintendo Switch. Finally, badges were added to the game, which greatly helped reduce the grind.

Nintendo's Arms is still chugging on with a new update and a chunk of new content, with version 5.0 launching on December 21. Lokjaw, Parabola and Brrchuk options are now available.

To get access to Dr. Coyle, you'll need to play Grand Prix at level six or higher as anyone other than the new character.

New stage [NAME REDACTED] added. There've also been changes to the Grand Prix mode, with the difficulty now increasing as the fights go on in any difficulty below seven. This latest addition to the playable roster had a hand in the creation of Hedlok (with one of her ARMS even modeled after the mysterious boss character), but it's her own fighting abilities that look most interesting.

  • Joey Payne