Pakistan played cruel joke, Jadhav meeting a drama, says Sarabjit Singh's sister

In India, officials however downplayed the comments by the Pakistani minister, maintaining that an Indian diplomat was only accompanying Jadhav's family and it can not be construed as "consular access".

He added that media crews will be able to cover the arrival and departure of Jadhav's wife and mother at the ministry and Pakistan has agreed to honor India's request not to allow any media interaction with the visitors, the official added.

"This is not their last meeting with him", he said, indicating that Jadhav would not be executed in the near future.

Jadhav has been languishing in a Pakistani jail ever since his arrest past year over allegations that he is a spy for the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India's premier external intelligence agency.

"Everyone knows that Pakistan breeds terrorism".

The neighbouring country has not let any stone unturned to promote hatred amongst the citizens of both countries by highlighting the negative side of Jadhav's meeting with his wife and mother.

India says Jadhav is a former naval officer but rejects the charges against him as baseless, saying he has no connection with the government.

It said that Jadhav is not an ordinary person as he had entered the country with the intent of spying and carrying out sabotage activities. The ICJ halted his execution on India's appeal pending the final verdict by it.

"The next hearing in Jadhav's case in the International Court of Justice is scheduled soon". If Bajwa declines, he could then seek a pardon from Pakistan's president. New Delhi blames Islamabad for fuelling a Muslim separatist insurgency in the divided Kashmir region, which remains the primary source of tensions between the nuclear-armed nations. The issue has sparked two of three wars between them.

"On the other hand, the way in which it all unfolded was deeply unsatisfactory".

Earlier, Foreign Office Spokesperson Mohammed Faisal tweeted a picture of Jadhav's mother Avanti and his wife seated ahead of the meeting, adding they were "sitting comfortably in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan".

"This leaves a question for the world as well as India", she said, as she concluded the video.

The meeting that lasted for a mere 40 minutes can be viewed as an attempt by Islamabad to reach out to the Modi government, which has shown little interest in widening its engagement with the neighbour after the Pathankot and Uri terror strikes.

  • Rogelio Becker