Cold weather to stick around Wednesday

Temperatures will remain chilly all day after the precipitation moves out.

The National Weather Service says Burke County will avoid its second snow of the year - for now, at least.

Temperatures on Wednesday, near zero by dawn without wind chill, were expected to top out around 20 degrees, the highest for a weeks time.

Clarke said residents should brace for the cold blast by ensuring that their homes are properly heated and insulated and that pets are kept from harsh temperatures.

The National Weather Service out of Columbia is calling for the strong possibility of freezing rain Thursday night into Friday morning. Saturday's temperature will reach a high of minus 9 degrees and hit a low of minus 20 degrees, and Sunday's temperatures will be relatively the same.

The snow will likely result in slippery roads and reduced visibility in southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa and western Wisconsin, according to the weather service.

Head added that temperatures will feel colder due to the windchill factor. That evening, temperatures will warm slightly to four degrees with a -5 wind chill.

Recently, the numbers coming for free lunchtime service have grown slightly, ranging from 80 to 85 people daily, Marin said.

"Frostbite doesn't take long", weather service meteorologist Bill Simpson said.

Moody said most of the calls were for people who needed help getting out of snowy driveways, had dead auto batteries or had locked their keys in the vehicle while warming it up.

He said that people should make sure to dress for warmth not for looks.

Positive Avenues, 320 Putnam St., is experiencing an increase in visitors with the cold weather.

"We're kind of taking all of these weather reports in and gearing up all the equipment to go", Kaesemeyer said Wednesday morning. "They're still there working, but are wearing their coats", he said.

  • Rogelio Becker