Dana White on Floyd Mayweather to UFC: 'Don't count anything out'

"Don't count anything out on Floyd Mayweather coming over to the UFC".

The Mayweather-to-UFC rumors kicked into overdrive when Mayweather suggested he could fight in the UFC if he had that desire, though he later made it clear he was only speaking hypothetically. "Anything is possible", White said on FOX Sports 1's Undisputed. You guys know, I was here. "So anything is possible".

So, it is pretty interesting to hear that White's meeting with Mayweather's team, although, this doesn't mean that it will be about Mayweather signing with the UFC. The Irish champ, who reportedly banked more than $100 million for "The Money Fight", has said he wants an ownership stake in the UFC, which White won't entertain.

During the build-up to the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight Mayweather teased several times that he'd fight in the UFC next, and the Irishman welcomed that opportunity with open arms.

- I actually have a meeting- I have a meeting with those guys, today.

Conor McGregor
Dana White on Floyd Mayweather to UFC: 'Don't count anything out'

It turns out that GSP had a guaranteed title defense clause in his contract that he's ignoring, or has found a medical reason to contractually get out of, and now Dana White is pissed.

Citing the windfall that the Dubliner received for his TKO loss to Floyd Mayweather, White is banking on McGregor getting bored of the fruits of his labour and itching to return to action. "The question is does he want to come back and do it? So I think him and Georges would be a phenomenal fight", Zahabi told Express.

This month, however, St-Pierre's longtime coach, Firas Zahabi, told Express Sport a fight between the two global stars would be "brilliant" and "probably the biggest fight in UFC and MMA history". Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below!

" ... He ain't fighting Conor McGregor".

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